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STANLIB Collective Investments (Unit Trusts)

The following prices are the latest available as at 26/08/2016

Portfolio NameNAV PricePrice Date
STANLIB Absolute Plus Fund A(prev.Dynamic Return)142.2226/08/2016
STANLIB Africa Income Fund A111.4826/08/2016
STANLIB Aggressive Fund of Funds A238.3525/08/2016
STANLIB Aggressive Income Fund A151.7326/08/2016
STANLIB ALBI (Non-TR) Index Tracker Fund A93.8526/08/2016
STANLIB ALSI 40 Fund A529.0126/08/2016
STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund A154.9826/08/2016
STANLIB Balanced Fund A733.1426/08/2016
STANLIB Balanced Trustees FOF A183.8425/08/2016
STANLIB Bond Fund A170.1426/08/2016
STANLIB Bond Fund R170.1426/08/2016
STANLIB Capital Growth Fund A580.1526/08/2016
STANLIB Capital Growth Fund R582.2126/08/2016
STANLIB Conservative Fund of Funds A141.0025/08/2016
STANLIB Enhanced Yield Fund A(Previously Cash Plus100.3126/08/2016
STANLIB Equity Fund A26 664.3326/08/2016
STANLIB Equity Fund R26 689.5926/08/2016
STANLIB Euro Currency Fund of Funds A158.5426/08/2016
STANLIB European Equity Feeder Fund A384.5926/08/2016
STANLIB Extra Income Fund R86.8926/08/2016
STANLIB Financials Fund A385.1326/08/2016
STANLIB Flexible Income Fund A113.4526/08/2016
STANLIB Global Balanced Cautious Feeder Fund A252.9626/08/2016
STANLIB Global Balanced Feeder Fund A299.4826/08/2016
STANLIB Global Bond Feeder Fund A246.9126/08/2016
STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund A229.4826/08/2016
STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund R242.1526/08/2016
STANLIB Global Property Feeder Fund A386.0126/08/2016
STANLIB Income Fund R136.3226/08/2016
STANLIB Index Fund R850.7026/08/2016
STANLIB Industrial Fund A2 388.7726/08/2016
STANLIB Industrial Fund R2 398.2826/08/2016
STANLIB Inflation Plus 3% Fund A129.0726/08/2016
STANLIB Inflation Plus 5% Fund A205.6726/08/2016
STANLIB Inflation-Linked Bond Tracker Index A101.1026/08/2016
STANLIB Moderate Fund of Funds A187.3925/08/2016
STANLIB Moderately Aggressive Fund of Funds A215.8725/08/2016
STANLIB Moderately Conservative Fund of Funds A167.4125/08/2016
STANLIB Property Income Fund A645.9126/08/2016
STANLIB Prudential Bond Fund A98.5626/08/2016
STANLIB Quants Fund A449.8126/08/2016
STANLIB Resources Fund A1 992.5626/08/2016
STANLIB Resources Fund R1 998.6026/08/2016
STANLIB SA Equity Fund A814.1426/08/2016
STANLIB SA Equity Fund R814.9726/08/2016
STANLIB Shari'ah Equity Fund A105.9926/08/2016
STANLIB US Dollar Currency FOF A159.3526/08/2016
STANLIB Value Fund A879.1426/08/2016
Standard Bank Fundisa Fund Investor Account108.2825/08/2016
Kruger STANLIB Balanced FOF A1 974.0425/08/2016
Kruger STANLIB Flexible FOF A2 235.4625/08/2016
Kruger STANLIB Global FOF A1 868.2425/08/2016
Kruger STANLIB Prudential FOF A1 887.6425/08/2016
Melville Douglas STANLIB Bond Fund A97.3326/08/2016
Melville Douglas STANLIB Dynamic Strategy Fund A471.0826/08/2016
Melville Douglas STANLIB High Alpha Fund A215.7626/08/2016
Melville Douglas STANLIB Medium Equity FOF A(STL)106.3725/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB All Weather FOF A1262.8025/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB All Weather FOF Class A262.6725/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB All Weather FOF Class A2260.3025/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Balanced FOF Class A215.4325/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Balanced FOF Class A1215.5025/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Balanced FOF Class A2215.1725/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Flexible FOF Class A122.6526/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Flexible FOF Class A1122.7026/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Flexible Fund Class A2122.5026/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Strategic Income FOF Class A176.7125/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Strategic Income FOF Class A1176.8025/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Strategic Income FOF Class A2176.5225/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Wealth Creator FOF Class A248.1425/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Wealth Creator FOF Class A1248.2425/08/2016
Noble PP STANLIB Wealth Creator FOF Class A2247.8625/08/2016

Money Market
Portfolio NameEffective Rate %Nominal Rate %Price Date
STANLIB Money Market Fund R7.827.5326/08/2016

NAV Net Asset Value
Price Date Portfolio prices are updated in the evening. Fund of Funds are priced on the subsequent morning and therefore lag by one day.