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STANLIB Collective Investments (Unit Trusts)

The following prices are the latest available as at 20/01/2017

Portfolio NameNAV PricePrice Date
STANLIB Absolute Plus Fund A(prev.Dynamic Return)137.8917/01/2017
STANLIB Absolute Plus Fund B1(prev.Dynamic Return)137.9317/01/2017
STANLIB Africa Equity Fund B145.7817/01/2017
STANLIB Africa Income Fund A99.8017/01/2017
STANLIB Africa Income Fund B199.9217/01/2017
STANLIB Africa Property Fund B10.0017/01/2017
STANLIB Aggressive Income ABIL Retention Fund148.8717/01/2017
STANLIB Aggressive Income Fund B1150.5417/01/2017
STANLIB ALBI (Non-TR) Index Tracker Fund A94.4417/01/2017
STANLIB ALSI 40 Fund A519.6917/01/2017
STANLIB ALSI 40 Fund B1519.7417/01/2017
STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund A151.6917/01/2017
STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund B1151.7317/01/2017
STANLIB Balanced Fund A708.7317/01/2017
STANLIB Balanced Fund R708.9417/01/2017
STANLIB Bond ABIL Retention Fund206.0617/01/2017
STANLIB Bond Fund A171.4717/01/2017
STANLIB Bond Fund R171.4717/01/2017
STANLIB Capital Growth Fund A555.2617/01/2017
STANLIB Capital Growth Fund R555.6017/01/2017
STANLIB Capped Property Index Tracker Fund B199.3117/01/2017
STANLIB Enhanced Yield ABIL Retention Fund107.3817/01/2017
STANLIB Enhanced Yield Fund A(Previously Cash Plus100.2017/01/2017
STANLIB Equity Fund A25 383.2017/01/2017
STANLIB Equity Fund R25 390.5017/01/2017
STANLIB Euro Currency Fund of Funds A143.3417/01/2017
STANLIB European Equity Feeder Fund A372.0417/01/2017
STANLIB Extra Income ABIL Retention Fund86.6817/01/2017
STANLIB Extra Income Fund B186.1717/01/2017
STANLIB Extra Income Fund R86.1817/01/2017
STANLIB Financials Fund A390.0917/01/2017
STANLIB Flexible Income ABIL Retention Fund121.5317/01/2017
STANLIB Flexible Income Fund A113.3117/01/2017
STANLIB Flexible Income Fund B1113.3317/01/2017
STANLIB Global Balanced Cautious Feeder Fund A233.1517/01/2017
STANLIB Global Balanced Cautious Feeder Fund B1248.9017/01/2017
STANLIB Global Balanced Feeder Fund A283.1917/01/2017
STANLIB Global Bond Feeder Fund A221.2417/01/2017
STANLIB Global Bond Feeder Fund B1235.1317/01/2017
STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund A222.3517/01/2017
STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund B1224.9317/01/2017
STANLIB Global Property Feeder Fund A339.7917/01/2017
STANLIB Income ABIL Retention Fund146.2517/01/2017
STANLIB Income Fund B1135.4017/01/2017
STANLIB Income Fund R135.3517/01/2017
STANLIB Index Fund B1826.7217/01/2017
STANLIB Index Fund R826.6117/01/2017
STANLIB Industrial Fund A2 210.8717/01/2017
STANLIB Industrial Fund R2 211.5017/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation Linked Bond Fund104.7317/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation Plus 3% Fund A124.4017/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation Plus 3% Fund B1124.4517/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation Plus 5% Fund A198.0017/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation Plus 5% Fund B1198.0817/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation-Linked Bond Tracker Index A99.3417/01/2017
STANLIB Inflation-Linked Bond Tracker Index B199.3417/01/2017
STANLIB Medical Investment Fund B1130.4117/01/2017
STANLIB Property Income Fund A647.3717/01/2017
STANLIB Property Income Fund B1647.4617/01/2017
STANLIB Prudential Bond Fund A98.8917/01/2017
STANLIB Prudential Bond Fund B198.9117/01/2017
STANLIB Quants Fund A430.2817/01/2017
STANLIB Quants Fund B1430.3917/01/2017
STANLIB Resources Fund A2 188.5617/01/2017
STANLIB Resources Fund R2 190.4117/01/2017
STANLIB SA Equity Fund A765.4517/01/2017
STANLIB SA Equity Fund R765.8117/01/2017
STANLIB Shari'ah Equity Fund B1109.6017/01/2017
STANLIB US Dollar Currency FOF A148.0617/01/2017
STANLIB Value Fund A771.9217/01/2017
STANLIB Value Fund D772.6517/01/2017
Melville Douglas STANLIB Bond Fund A97.9817/01/2017
Melville Douglas STANLIB Dynamic Strategy Fund B1473.4517/01/2017
Melville Douglas STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund104.3417/01/2017
Melville Douglas STANLIB Global Equity Feeder Fund104.2217/01/2017
Melville Douglas STANLIB High Alpha Fund A211.2517/01/2017
Noble PP STANLIB Flexible Fund A121.7017/01/2017
Noble PP STANLIB Flexible Fund A1121.7317/01/2017
Standard STANLIB Bond Fund B1100.2917/01/2017
Standard STANLIB Equity Fund B1100.5617/01/2017
Standard STANLIB Property Fund B1101.0017/01/2017
Standard STANLIB Yield Plus Fund B1100.4317/01/2017

Money Market
Portfolio NameEffective Rate %Nominal Rate %Price Date
STANLIB Money Market Fund B17.247.0117/01/2017
STANLIB Money Market Fund R7.857.5817/01/2017

NAV Net Asset Value
Price Date Fund prices reflect the previous day's close as per the JSE and are updated the following business day. Fund of Funds are priced on the subsequent morning and therefore lag by two days.